Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kitchen Cupboards

It's a warm, sunny, Spring-like day out today, and it's also the weekend of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, and I went out to get shots of birds in their natural setting. Unfortunately, while the weather is Spring-like the landscape is still Winter dull and bleak. And the birds were fleeing my camera, hopping around and hiding in the underbrush. So no luck outdoors.

When I got home I went to make lunch, and when I opened one of my cupboard doors I thought that maybe my cupboards would make a good photographic subject. And by golly they do!

And this song was running in my head while I was shooting these and putting this post together. It's called "Julia's Cupboards" by a group called Bungarra from Western Australia back in the '70s. My friend Kate Daniels, from the same area, sent me about 5 songs by Bungarra 10 or so years ago; she used to hang out with these people and was around when they made their one and only recording, which included this song. I've always loved this little folk gem, a husband's love song to his wife.

Photos © 2017 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. Delightful....never will I look at a cupboard the same way again....I miss my husband....he was a romantic, played guitar and sang to me and we danced in the dining room and shared much of the cooking......thank you Roy...ALL your posts are wonderful....loved the tune....