Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My Vacation Starts Today

Ahhhhh! Twelve days of my very own agenda not bounded by the need to be at work and the need to get up to an alarm. I never sleep in, even on vacation, but the fact that an alarm is gonna go off at a certain time adds an element of stress that sometimes prevents a night of uninterrupted sleep. I have plans, but they're not "musts", just relaxing things I enjoy doing that involve hiking and photography. And if the weather spoils those plans, I have alternatives. It's all about relaxation!

One of the plans is to go back up on the Appalachian Trail, this time for two nights and three days; I now own a lightweight, self-inflating air mattress so sleeping directly on a wooden floor will no longer be an issue. And since last year I've discovered a lot more interesting things to see in the stretch I walked then, so I plan to take my time and take in more of the sights. There are also two day hikes I want to go on. But as I said, weather is a factor here; if the heat and humidity come back (and yesterday was a real wowser!) I'll have to reconsider. I'm not getting any younger, and heat and humidity do not contribute to the comfort I need if I'm gonna be traipsing up and down hills and mountains. So fingers crossed!

Heh, heh! So of course I awoke this morning to rain; nothing big, mostly light drizzle that dampened the pavement and left raindrops on leaves and flowers. And there's supposed to be more of that tomorrow. So I'm doing my initial round of errands today and tomorrow. Today I chose to go grocery shopping, and naturally I went via the Dykeman Spring Nature Park. As you'll see, it was a somewhat damp walk!

New leaves growing on some Virginia Creeper in the wetland area
Multiflora Rose growing along the trail in the wetland area
Mama Robin sitting on her nest in the wetland
St. John's Wort in the upland meadow
Deptford Pink growing in the upland meadow
A view of the upland meadow under gloomy skies
© 2015 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. I hope your weather improves, and you can go on your overnight hike. Otherwise...a walk with an umbrella is relaxing (that's what I've been doing here among our raindrops). ...these raindrop-laced flower photos are gorgeous.

  2. WOW Roy, for mamarobin...fantastic forever....come sempre fantastico. Bye Bye from ITALIA
    by Daniele,.........remember my????