Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Peeks at Downtown

I took a stroll along King St. this morning, noting that Spring has started to appear downtown. Mostly it's flowers in gardens, Forsythia, Flowering Cleveland Pears along the street, and the always early Magnolias. The Ornamental Cherries and other dramatic bloomers are still just budding at this point. Maybe next week. But here's the scene now.

Branch Creek at King St. is starting to green up a little
Part of the garden in the little park next to Widow Piper's Tavern
The clock in front of Orrstown Bank with a Flowering Cleveland Pear
McLean House is starting to get some blooms and leaves
A small Weeping Cherry and the sculpture in the gazebo park across the street
Govardhana Hill, at Morris and King Streets, is starting to bloom
© 2014 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. So many things you photograph are so charming.

  2. Thanks! Heh, heh! It's a charming area, Steph.

  3. Beautiful! You're a little ahead of us on the blooms. The magnolias are just starting to blossom!

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