Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Gray Sunday Morning

Overcast, gray, gloomy, empty, lonely... Sunday morning in Shippensburg, PA, before anyone is up and heading for church. I put my clothes in the washer in the laundromat and went for a walk, and this is what I found. I hope I've captured the mood in these shots.

My friend Arleen Hodge says I'm the one who got her into black & white photography and calls me one of her mentors. Well, she's a helluva better photographer than me; she's gone on to document the homeless in her town in a way that moves people. Me, I'm not so good with people, although I do okay with places and things. At the moment I'm limited to my cell phone camera, and I'm finding these simple types of shots, that fill the frame with no zoom and no severe cropping, work best with the limits of the lens. And they work especially well in black & white. I'm hoping I'm being as successful projecting the mood of what I see as Arleen is in telling the stories of her homeless friends.

Laundromat, Sunday morning
Portrait of the artist, reflected in the window of the Robert T. Henry Pharmacy
A lighted lamp and reflections in a window on King St.
A messy backyard and garage on Burd St.
Old graves on the site of the original German Reformed and Lutheran congregations, Orange and Queen Streets
© 2014 by A. Roy Hilbinger