Monday, October 08, 2012

Encroaching Autumn

I went walking along the Dykeman Walking Trail today and noticed Mama Gaia is starting to dab some Autumn color on the landscape. I shot some good pictures on the walk, and you can see the entire web album here. Here are four of them to whet your appetite: one of the culvert causeways over the creek that runs through the park; an immature Warbler of some sort (at that age and at this time of year they can be tough to tell apart; I've narrowed my list of possibles to Tennessee Warbler, Connecticut Warbler, Mourning Warbler, or possibly a Yellow Warbler - anybody with a better knowledge of Warblers please chime in!); White Wood Asters; and some Autumn leaves lying on the trail. Enjoy!

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. some of your best photos, Roy! Fall is my favorite!

  2. All beautyfull....the bird is my favorite....the type is CAPINERA? not BECCAFICO?

  3. Hi Roy, is fantastic as always... your images are always stupendous, and I often come to see your blog with admiration. I have also looked at that of BETSY that I greet as, ....(very interesting and beautiful). I perhaps succeed in making me understand when I will write here, because I have purchased a "Power Translator" .... at least who reads me you/he/she can understand a po what I say. ..... and excuse for possible errors. I love the nature, the horses and the animals all, I am writer, I am 64 years old, alive in Italy in Bologna, I have a 40 year-old child that works in Sardinia (Island) it has a hotel to Alghero and a Bred and Breakfast, he/she works as. ..... if someone of You... it comes in Italy for vacations... tells me him, if it is a pleasure for you. Thanks for your patience... and the your marvelous BLOG... there will be always. Daniel