Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dressing Up for Autumn

I went walking up King St. in hopes of getting shots of the decorated store windows, but there was a major problem with reflections. Still, the window in The Lollipop Shop (first photo) came out well. I'll probably have to wait for a sunnier day to get the rest. So I kept walking and got some outdoor displays on residences: two "still lifes" on a front porch on King St. and a decorated fence on Queen St. Of course, Mama Gaia is the best decorator of all; the Red Maple in front of the gazebo across the street from me makes a striking image. As usual, the web album is here.

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Ah Roy, these are a feast for the eyes. October is my favorite month.

  2. Very beautiful the gazebo, ....FOR SALE?

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  4. Roy excuses, I have removed my comment not to create useless polemics, I respect you and I esteem too much you.
    Daniele from Italy near Bologna