Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Wandering

Today was another gorgeous one, and I just stepped out the front door and let my feet go where they wanted, no planning, no poring over GoogleMaps first. They took me across the street, and I ended up wandering to places north of King St.

The first photogenic place I found was the little municipal park behind the Borough of Shippensburg's municipal offices at Burd and N. Fayette Streets. It's not really big, just a picnic pavilion, some swing sets, and scattered picnic tables and kiddie play stuff. But much of it is in the shade, so it's obviously a place to cool off in the summer.

That gave me an idea, and I wandered over to the Shippensburg University campus to where I knew there was a little picnic area by Burd Run, with another picnic pavilion and a wooden bridge over the creek. Another shady spot made for the local summers!

I wandered back to town via the beginning stretch of the Rail Trail and went down Prince St. intending to get some shots of the stately brick mansions there, but the sun was in the wrong spot to let me get decent shots. So I headed toward home. On the way I cut down the McCreary Ave. walkway, which leads from King St. to the municipal parking lot next to the police station at Burd St. and Seneca Ave.; it's a pleasant little hidden treasure just downtown.

And finally, home again, and one last photo - the little gazebo park across the street, taken front my front porch.

And that was today's walk.

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Oh,and aren't you fortunate to have such a lovely view from the porch - and to live where there is so much beauty in nature, even whilst in town!

    All the photos make one want to stay awhile and enjoy the serenity.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun...and yes, the weather has been perfect!

  3. green and lush. I love the view from your porch!