Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Today is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of astronomical Spring, when the sun crosses the equator and begins the seasonal warming of the northern hemisphere (and the cooling of the southern hemisphere, making today their Autumnal Equinox). [Note: The meteorological start of Spring is around March 1, when the weather usually starts to move out of Winter patterns.] In many cultures this is celebrated as a holiday, and for many it's the New Year's Day of their calendar (you can get a pretty full rundown of the various holidays here and here).

Here in central PA it's warm but cloudy and wet (fog and drizzle rather than outright rain) and it made for some interesting photographic conditions to illustrate the coming of Spring. So I went and walked around this morning on my way to the grocery store for the week's shopping.

And what better music for the first day of Spring than George Harrison singing "Here Comes the Sun"? Enjoy!

Photos © 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Nice to see Shippensburg in the spring again! I can almost smell that fresh Cumberland Valley air in your photos. Did you see Princess Di and Prince Charles at the end of the George Harrison video?

  2. I know this will sound like the usual slushy comment, but there is something I need to say because it is true. The photographs on your blog are always a pleasure to look at. In all the years I have been visiting your blog I don't think I have ever once been disappointed in what I have found there and I have always left hoping that just a little of your photograph skills might have rubbed off on me during my visit. Just needed to say that, Roy.

    1. Thanks, Alan. Considering the high quality of your own photos, I consider that high praise indeed!

  3. what amazing pictures,is a pleasure to the eyes!

  4. Those are great spring photos; the beads of water from the drizzle make such a lovely detail!