Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Following Burd Run

Today is unseasonably warm and very sunny; seeing as it's also one of my days off I decided to go for a hike. I decided to follow a section of Burd Run, the other main flowing body of water here, from the stream-bed restoration area (sponsored by Shippensburg University) to a point near where it empties into Middle Spring Creek. The restoration project is at the corner of Britton and Fogelsanger Roads, and after wandering in the project grounds I walked up Fogelsanger Road to where it ends on Newburg Rd./Earl St.

The official name of the project is the Burd Run Stream Channel Riparian Zone and Wetlands Restoration Project. I went there in January and didn't find it particularly scenic, and it still isn't up to much. Interesting yes, but not scenic. Maybe when things start blooming it'll get better. In any case, some of the stretches of stream were at least a little photogenic.

At the northern end of the project grounds the stream goes under the old railroad tracks (now the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail) and enters the Shippensburg University campus:

I walked up Fogelsanger Road, which parallels Burd Run and passes through farming country. One of the farms along the road had this interesting stone barn with three cupolas, and the barn itself contained three very curious cows who seemed to consider me and object of great interest.

Just on the other side of this farm Burd Run passes under the road and runs through one more farm before it empties into Middle Spring Creek. The cows on this farm seem to enjoy the water!

At this point I arrived at Newburg Road, which goes back into Shippensburg where it becomes Earl St. My stomach was letting me know it was time for lunch, so I headed for home. It was a good walk.

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I like the shots very much--do wonder about the wisdom of having cows ranging freely in a riparian area that's in need of restoration, but so it goes. Looks like a nice walk!

  2. Thank you for the journey. Love the cows - and the shots of the flowing water are superb.

  3. was nice tagging along with you on your ramble....

    we too are having a most amazing early spring!