Thursday, February 03, 2011


Still Life with Clocks: The "antiqued" version (which reminds me of a window display I saw in an antique store back in Newport)...

...and the "Renoir" version.

Note: The title of this post is something of a pun. I played with these in Photoshop to create the look of years past, and... (wait for it)... none of the clocks work.

And just to make it all even more timeless, here's Arthur Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra in a performance of Leroy Anderson's "The Syncopated Clock".

Photos © 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger
Note: I'll be over at my Mom's place for a couple of days; I'll be able to check my email and all, but I won't have access to my files to post anything here. So I'll see you Monday, if not Sunday.


  1. Great Photos! Great Pun! Have A Great Weekend Roy!

  2. We have a clock similar to the one in the back in our extended family! I'm intrigued with the pendulum on the one on the right side. Very cool!

  3. Time, time, time. I don't seem to have enough, lately. I agree with Tony, great photos!

  4., Roy! Love the second photo... (I've run out of time a lot lately, that's why I'm behind on posts. I need to go see what I've missed now!) Have a lovely time at your mom's.