Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nature in Winter (and in Sepia)

I've found that I like black & white photography because it reveals layers that color tends to obscure; not always, but often enough to make me love creating b&w shots. Granted, there are times when color really is the only way to go. And sometimes b&w comes across as just too cold.

I got some shots today where the b&w version was the definite way to go, but they were just way too cold. So I applied some sepia filter; sepia adds warmth without obscuring the detail revealed by b&w. I like the results.

Purple Martin house, Duck Ponds marsh

Middle Spring Creek, Duck Ponds

Shelf Fungus, Dykeman Walking Trail

© 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I like the results too. Do they get martins in the bird house? If so, it will be fun to see some posts on them this summer!

  2. Nice! Sepia can sometimes come up a bit too yellow (well, it does when I do it!) But these are a beautiful, soft tone.

  3. the sepia filter creates a very peaceful effect

  4. I think the purple martin house has seen better days. It looks like it's never been cleaned out. If that's the case then birds typically will not use it.

  5. Yes, the b&w/sepia is all about texture--great point. Man, that shelf mushroom shot is really awesome.

  6. I usually think B&W is 'Stronger' somehow (although, I'm not too clear why!)