Sunday, January 09, 2011


I converted some of yesterday's snow shots to monochrome "prints".

Accompanied by two "snow" pieces by Claude Debussy, arranged and performed by Isao Tomita:

Photos © 2011 by A. Roy hilbinger


  1. I know some purists don't like us messing with Photoshop and the like but I can never understand why. The same purists would use an enlarger to burn-in bits of a print or a toner to warm the colours. Great effects, Roy.

  2. Thanks, Alan! When people start kvetching about Photoshop use, I point out to them that all I'm doing in the computer is what I'd do with film in the darkroom. And as for art techniques such as the above, I'm just doing the digital equivalent of transferring the negative to silkscreen or lithograph, the same as any printmaker 50 years ago would do. But some people just need to grumble.

  3. they're gorgeous ... definitely work that would be welcome framed on my wall

  4. Very cool images--I'm 100% with Alan on the Photoshop question. I dabble in it myself & I find the process absorbing. You do great stuff!