Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday by the Water - Salt Marsh and Surfing

Today was the biweekly bird walk, but July is birding doldrums time around here, so there wasn't much interesting on today's walk. Afterward I went down to Ballard Park only to be driven out by swarms of Deer Flies. But Gooseneck Cove had beauties to bestow; it was close to high tide, and in July the lush green rising out of tidal water is somehow very moving for me. No matter how harsh and bright the light, this aspect of a salt marsh always looks so much softer.

After that I went over to the Cliff Walk at Ruggles Ave. There was a high surf advisory up, and the waves looked good when Mark and I drove by Sachuest Beach on the way to the bird walk. So I hopped over to Ruggles after all my other wanderings to see what the gang was up to on the waves. I'll have to admit they weren't particularly awesome waves, but some people were getting some good long runs, and the surf provided enough drama for three of my kind of surfing shot - lots of splash and lots of movement. And that handsome lad in the first shot is my good buddy Marty Casey, looking every inch the cool dude that he is. Enjoy!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Looks like a great day for surfing! Good action shots--I also like the tidal marshes--pretty much everything about the shore.

  2. The grass somehow looks so real in those photographs - each blade seems to be an individual. Love the "lowering the internal temperature" picture on the sidebar.

  3. That second surfer looks a bit like a young Pierce Brosnan! Your sidebar pic gave me a sudden craving....I've been up since 4:30, so I think a beer is in order now.

  4. I so want to live in that house! Great shots as usual Roy. Must head down to the beach one of these days and try my hand at capturing some surfers (on waves of course although if one came close . . .)