Friday, January 08, 2010

This Just In!

Oh my ears and whiskers! The famous Blogger raconteur known as The Silver Fox hath bestowed an award on one of my blog posts. He's created his own award for blogging excellence called the Thrust Home Award (Note: The award itself was designed by the Foxter's partner in crime, er art, Skip Simpson). Here's the description in his own words:

This award will be given by me, and no one else, and generally to only one recipient at a time. (Today, however, there will be an exception to this rule. More later.)

I'll only give the award to those whose posts have truly "thrust home" with me, so even my best friends on the 'net might never get one.

The award will usually go to a post of what I, in my infinite -- or should that be infinitesimal? -- wisdom, deem to be of general import and interest... but that may be fudged once in a while to reflect my own biases. (My award, my stupid rules. Deal with it.)

There will be no set frequency for the giving of the award. It's not a weekly or monthly kinda thing. I might give two in a given week. I might give one, and then not give another for months.

Theoretically, a recipient of The Silver Fox's Thrust Home Award! may win once, twice... or 47 times! This is an award for individual blog posts, not for blogs!

Recipients would be asked to mention their receipt of said award on their own sites, along with a corresponding link to my own. And a little blurb on your sidebar -- feel free to copy and paste the graphic, of course! -- would be greatly appreciated.

Winners are not allowed to give this award to others.

Other than that, awardees are not asked to do anything else. Heck, you've already done it!

Foxy, under those conditions I am proud and honored to accept this award. And I'll proudly display the award in my sidebar as soon as I post this.

Oh, and in case you're wondering which particular post the Foxy One awarded, it's this one.

This just made my week!


  1. Roy, I'm so glad you appreciated it. I just wanted to create something with more meaning than, "Oh, crap, I have to pass along three more of these? I've already used up all the good bloggers..."

    And I especially like your "under those conditions" stipulation. As always -- and I'm not being my typical wiseguy self, here -- you're a man of principle!

  2. Yeah for my friend Roy.

  3. Congratulations Sir.You Are A Fine,Fine Blogger.Greetings From Frozen Yorkshire!

  4. congratulations Roy! I was wondering which post it was...fooled me! thought it might be the oh so great xmas post...but yes no going back was indeed awesome!

  5. Congratulations Roy. You deserved this one!

  6. Congrats Roy! A well deserved award!