Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Cold Winter Day

The snow of the last few days kicked up a notch or two overnight; we got some more snow, but the temperatures plummeted and the wind earned itself a high wind advisory. At 8:30 this morning it was 15º F (-9º C) with a windchill of -3º F (-19º C). I was considering forgoing my usual Sunday constitutional. But I went out to shovel and sweep the night's very light snow off the walk and porches and in the process decided I could keep warm in this, so off I went after the shoveling was done.

In town and in the trees of Ballard Park it was just a cold day that I had no problems with, but Hazard Rd. at Gooseneck Cove is wide open to the wind, and it was downright frigid there. There was still some snow falling, and in that wind it was coming down almost horizontally. Still, I got some decent shots before my fingers threatened to freeze and fall off after being exposed in order to work the camera; five minutes was all they could stand. Anyhow, here are today's frigid photos.

Icicles on the rock face along the Twin Ledges Trail.

The rock at the intersection of the Twin Ledges and Southwest Trails.

A female Downy Woodpecker in the reeds along Hazard Rd. She was pecking away at the reed stems and I caught sight of something in her beak once or twice. Either she stored things in these hollow stems earlier in the Fall, or there were frozen bugs in there.

A Red-breasted Merganser couple on Gooseneck Cove. Yes, those streaks are the snow in that wind. You can see why I only lasted 5 minutes there!

A Hooded Merganser drake on Gooseneck Cove. There were several out there, but he stayed the closest.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. It was 10°F here this a.m. We were COLD. Great photos, Roy.

  2. Freezing here, too, Roy. It was 7 degrees here in Central Ohio when I got up this morning. I can't believe those ducks aren't hiding under a shrubbery somewhere!

  3. Five minutes is not very long!

  4. Ugh - don't envy you -even though you make GREAT pics in it - I lOVE the first one -probably because I paint landscapes!

  5. brrrrrrr cold here too.... I didn't even bother going out on a photo safari....I did go outside with my camera once to try and get a pic of the robin all fluffed up in the back yard. even though he watched as i filled up the feeders, he flew away as soon as he saw the camera... guess he was camera shy

  6. ...beautiful shots of the snow and ice, but I really love the shot of the downy. She is gorgeous on the reeds. Seeing that snow falling against the mergansers really brings it home. It's so cold here...and snow is on the way!

  7. wow you are brave! I am a baby, becoming more and more a fair weather walker, photographer, stick my nose out the door kind of person.

    I must get a backbone! Wonderful shots!