Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scenes from the Macro-World - A Weekend Potpourri

Out with the camera yesterday (the scenic route to the grocery store) and today (my Sunday constitutional), I got some good macro shots. My scenic shots didn't work so well, but these close-ups really do the trick. Enjoy!

Milkweed blowing in the wind on the Cliff Walk.

I know Asian Bittersweet is invasive and smothers everything in its path, but the berries are still decorative as all get-out!

A Red-banded Leafhopper on a Maple leaf in Ballard Park.

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger
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  1. Roy...these are nice. The bittersweet and milkweed are stellar, and I love that colorful little bug (nature is amazing...).

  2. Some wonderful shots. The leafhopper in particular is stunning and even more so because of the red leaf it seems to have made home on. The lack of contrast between subject and background just seems to add to the overall effect.

  3. Fabulous shots, Roy! The milkweed is my fave.

    I adored this delightful bit you left at my place:

    "so bright that I'll bet you could read a book under one at midnight"

  4. Wow the colours are simply amazing well so are the photographs but the colours!