Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Trailer

That's the cover of the book in question, my photo book of Winter Solstice images. And I got an idea over the weekend - I'd always thought it interesting that authors and/or publishers were creating trailers for books just like the movie studios create for movies. So I figured what the hey, I have plenty of shots to choose from to make a slideshow and a slideshow program that lets me play all those appearing-disappearing tricks with text, so why not go for it. So now I unfold for you the trailer for my photographic meditation on the Winter Solstice. And if you like the trailer, come visit the book's web page, check out the rest of the shots involved and buy a copy (or more than one; they'd make great gifts)!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger
PS - The music is "The Holly and the Ivy" from the New England Christmastide 2 CD.


  1. Spectacular, Roy! Some of my favorite shots are in this. The music was perfect.

  2. That was beautiful! Really put me in the Christmas spirit.

    Yup, Roy, monster or no, now we're gonna have to see the hats!!

  3. Great work, Roy!

    The music sounded familiar. I also have the first New England Christmastide on LP. It's never been released on CD.

  4. Thanks everybody! Ina, thanks for dropping by.

    K - Oh, they managed to put the first one out on CD, too. I have both, and on CD.

  5. Gorgeous and what Christmas should look like . . very different to what it looks like here I can tell you. Goose Neck is so changeable.