Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Stuff

My usual Sunday stroll resulted in some decent shots, for once. So many of my walks lately have only produced one, maybe two usable shots, so I was surprised to get 5 that passed quality control today. Let's see what we have...

A Slender Spreadwing damselfly in the Aspen grove in Ballard Park

Swamp Rose Mallow in the cattail swamp by Salt Marsh House

A wall of Impatiens in the front garden of Gooseberry Landing

Two baby Common Terns on Tern Rock yelling "Feed us! Feed us!"

A baby Common Tern seeing if its wings will do what the adults' do. Not quite yet!

And a bit of news... I just learned that folk legend Mike Seeger died Friday after a battle with cancer. He was 75. Mike was the half-brother of Pete Seeger. His main claim to fame was reviving and preserving the music of the backwoods South, and especially the music of Appalachia. He co-founded the New Lost City Ramblers in the late 1950s with John Cohen and Tom Paley, and they took their music to places where it wouldn't normally have been heard. They were a major inspiration to the infant Folk revival of the '50s and '60s. You can read an appreciation of Mike Seeger's life and work here.

Here's Mike in the Smithsonian Folkways Studio performing "Walking Boss" on an old fretless banjo back in 2007. Good-bye Mike; you'll be sorely missed.

Photos & text © 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger
PS -Don't forget to pop over to Just A Song for my entry on Gillian Welch's "Elvis Presley Blues".


  1. Great pics, Roy. And may Mr. Seeger rest in peace.

  2. Wonderful music and pictures Roy. The picture of the young tern just taking to the sky is memorable.

  3. I just got hit in the ol' bread-basket! Did not know of Mike Seeger's passing( was too focused on Hughes and Schulberg ). Ack! Say it ain't so Roy, say it ain't so!!!

    And great macro on the terns (Audrey from "Little Shop of Horrors"--"Feed me!" )

  4. how I'd love to go with on one of your sunday have bird magic indeed! oh those baby terns turn me on.

    thanks for the tribute to mike! I heard a brief mention yesterday on npr and was much saddened by the news. rest in peace mike!

    for some weird reason the vid isn't coming up so I'll have to hunt it up another way....