Monday, January 13, 2020

On and Around the Rail Trail

I decided to take the new camera up on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail this morning and put it through its paces on one of my favorite hikes. I got some nice trail shots but there were no cows out by the trail, and I was really in the mood for cows today. So I went back to Fogelsonger Rd. and headed up it. There were cows and a springhouse waiting for their moment in the limelight there. And on the way back into town on Route 696 I got the chance to get a good shot of the heronry along Middle Spring Creek. A heronry is a Heron nesting colony, and last Fall the fellow who lives across the road and owns the field and trees it's on pointed it out to me. You couldn't see too much because there was still lots of foliage on the trees, but now that the trees are bare you can see all the nests in the tops of the trees. He said there were around 30 nests up there, and I do believe he's right! I didn't know we had that many Great Blue Herons in the area! I'm certainly going to keep a close watch on the place this Spring to see how many of those nests actually get used.

The old trailhead at the township park on Britton Rd.
Walking along the Rail Trail
Shelf fungus on a tree along the trail
Cows along Fogelsonger Rd.
A springhouse along Burd Run
The heronry by Middle Spring Creek
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