Monday, June 24, 2019

This Week's Walk in the Park

We had some gorgeous weather over the weekend - dry air finally! - but the humidity moved back in today, and we're waiting for showers later. I think the drier air over the weekend knocked the bugs back some, because even though it was plenty humid as I walked through the Dykeman Spring wetland, there were no mosquitos trying to drive me crazy. Thanks heavens for small favors!

Apparently the parks and recreation people took advantage of the drier weather, too, and came and cut the grass and cleared the trails, so things weren't nearly as overgrown as last week. Still and all, there's plenty of moisture in the ground and heat in the air, so things are still quite lush. And poor Wade cut and baled some more hay over the weekend; now pretty much half of the meadow is mowed. After today's (and possibly tomorrow morning's) rain it's supposed to remain rain-free through the next weekend, so maybe he'll be able to get a lot more done, if not finish up. Fingers crossed!

Today's walk seems to have been dominated by critters - a rabbit, two turtles, and the Groundhog sentry at the eastern end of the park all made an appearance, and there are also plenty of flowers blooming. Let's take a walk!

Scritch, scritch, scritch! Bunny has an itch!
The footbridge over Gum Run is still pretty overgrown
The Daylilies are in full bloom
A young Snapping Turtle in the north duck pond comes up for air
A young Painted Turtle up on the berm around the pond keeps a wary eye on me
Daisy Fleabane up on the meadow
There's our storm front, moving in over the mountains to the northwest
The Groundhog sentry at the eastern exit/entrance to the meadow was on duty again
© 2019 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. Lovely shots, as always. The painted turtle looks like he is waving