Sunday, January 14, 2018

The High Priestess

Back in the '80s I hadn't yet discovered photography, and of course there was no Internet and I didn't own a personal computer. In those days I was practicing calligraphy, even doing an informal business in it designing flyers, posters, wedding invitations, and show pieces. I also wrote poetry from time to time. AND... as many of you who have been following this blog for some time know, I also do things with the Tarot. My best piece of art combines all three of those, and I discovered (while going through my photo collection on my hard drive) that I hadn't made a digital copy of it. So here it is, "The High Priestess", a poem I wrote even further back in time than this calligraphic piece, based on my own meditations on and interpretation of the Tarot card. The calligraphy is on hand-laid paper in gouache, and the "illustration" is imitation gold leaf over an impasto base with some of the leaf rubbed to small pieces and sprinkled  on the paper to suggest stars. I love this piece but I've never had the money to have it properly framed. It's kinda big - 22" x 30" (56 x 76 cm) - so framing is something of an expensive proposition. In any case, here's my artistic pride and joy!

© 2018 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I used to do calligraphy as well, though never that successfully. This is lovely.

  2. Yes Roy .Beautiful & Pleasing on The Eye.

  3. Wow, beautiful! Quite impressive.

    Several years ago, my writing partner Skip told me that a young lady he knew, who ran a printshop in her cellar, heard that I was a writer and reallllly wanted to meet me. Turns out she thought I did calligraphy, having taken the word "writer" quite literally.

  4. beautiful, Roy...the calligraphy, the poetry, and the painting! I've gone back and looked at it 5 more times. It really pulls me in! (Do more!)