Monday, April 03, 2017

Sunday Constitutional

Yesterday, after posting my weekly Sunday Bach post, I went on my usual Sunday morning walk in the Dykeman Spring Nature Park. Spring is really hopping, and the place is hopping with birds and full of bird song. I could hear lots, and saw many who were, unfortunately, outside of camera range. But there were lots of Red-winged Blackbirds, and I managed to catch two of them, in different parts of the park, sitting still long enough to get a decent shot. Ditto the male Cardinal, who seemed to be more intent on holding his ground rather than fleeing. Note the glare he was giving me. And I got a shot of the north duck pond to give you an idea of the state of the place at this point in the season. Of course all four photos give you a good idea of how gorgeous the day was. What a blue!

© 2017 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. Yeah, that cardinal does look more than a little ticked off at you!