Thursday, October 08, 2015

Another Hike on the Rail Trail

I went for another long and leisurely hike up the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail yesterday. I went up to Oakville, which is just about the halfway point on the trail at just past the 6 mile marker; that made yesterday's hike around 12 miles (19 km). Not quite as grueling as Monday's hike, because being built on a former railroad bed it was a lot flatter, with no rolling hills. Still, I was footsore at the end, and even though the hips didn't ache this time, I still needed a nap when I got home. But I also found some interesting sights along the way. Come and see what I saw!

Entering the Rail Trail from the undeveloped section by Shippensburg University
Fungus growing on a dead branch lying next to the trail
Hmmmm... It seems the History Department could use a proofreader!
A feral cat snoozing in a patch of sunlight next to the trail
A Marbled Orbweaver spider busily weaving her web alongside the trail
Looking north from the trail
Looking north from the trail at another spot
Cows are even more curious than cats. These came up to the fence to say hello as I passed by.
Harvesting pumpkins in a field near the rail trail
© 2015 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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