Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Sunday Morning Walk in the Wetland

I'm on vacation for nine days, from this weekend through next weekend. It had been raining since late Thursday, and yesterday was just too wet, cold, and windy, so my first day of vacation was spent lounging around the apartment and going on a Netflix marathon. Today is still a bit chilly and overcast, but the rain has moved off and the wind has died down. So this morning I did my Sunday "church" visit to the Dykeman Spring Nature Park. It was a soggy walk, but that added all the more contrast between lights and darks in the landscape. And more Fall color is appearing in the leaves. This is shaping up to be a spectacular Fall this year. There will be more hikes in the next week, so keep coming back to see what I've been up to. But in the meantime, tie on your boots and come with me on a walk through the Dykeman wetland.

Each of my walks starts with a pause at Branch Creek to see if there are any Great Blue Herons fishing. Not today!
Entering the Dykeman Spring Nature park along the Dykeman Walking Trail
The view south from the railroad tunnel on the Dykeman Walking Trail
A scene on the trail through the Dykeman Spring wetland
Another view along the trail
The view of Branch Creek from the red bridge on the Dykeman Walking Trail
My "church" of a Sunday morning - the north duck pond with red pew
The red bridge over Branch Creek on the Dykeman Walking Trail
The view north from the railroad tunnel, on the way home
This study in contrast caught my eye as I was heading home on the Dykeman Walking Trail
© 2015 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. This is all so real in feelings brought by author/photographer to his wants to lace ones own boots and follow to hear the moving water, the birds and sound of leaves talking in the breeze, the smell of woods as only woods can smell....thanks for all this beauty!

  2. ...these are beautiful fall images, Roy, and I love the red pew! Have a wonderful vacation (what a perfect time--fall color and cooler temps!).

  3. I keep on always following you, even if some less, but you are always fantastic... Roi
    hi from Italy.... Daniel