Friday, January 16, 2015

Whee! A Train!

Today I took a different route to the grocery store. Oh, I still visited the Dykeman Spring Nature Park, but this time instead of going up to the meadow I decided to climb up to the railroad tracks that run elevated through the park and follow them up to Baltimore Rd. And I was rewarded; a train actually came through when I was just at the right spot for good pictures. So I got shots of the engine approaching, the train passing under the Baltimore Rd. overpass, and a shot of the tracks under the overpass where all the go-no go lights and switches are. Enjoy!

© 2015 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. Wow great pictures. Reminds me of the days when David was so involved in trains.

  2. Love the trains. My younger brother has been enamored of trains all his life and since we spent our childhood only 3 houses from the Illinois Central tracks, trains have long been my friends as well. Love that first shot of the locomotive - and what a locomotive! Shiny, clean and free of graffiti! Wow.
    The white patches of snow offer color/value balance to each composition - something I can tell you are well aware of as you framed each shot. Love them.

    1. The engines are usually pretty clean. Can't say as much about the cars; they're usually covered in graffiti, although this one was less so than most. There are no passenger trains through here, it's all freights and they're all really long. One of my goals is to collect enough photos of trains to put together a train slideshow with "Puffin' Billy" as the soundtrack (you'd probably know the song better as the Captain Kangaroo theme, but it was originally written about a train in the south of England). There are some shots I really need to get first, though, like the trains passing by or pulling up to the grain silos over by Possum Hollow and Mount Rock Roads. Oh yeah, and going through the crossing at Penn St.; I love RR crossings with the flashing lights and the arms coming down and all!

    2. Captain Kangaroo...I grew up on that show! haha. Now the tune is in my head. I didn't realize it was originally from Puffin Billy....never heard of that one.

  3. Very nice lucky you were to have a train come through! I know that horse logo...Norfolk Southern! (thanks to my boys). haha.