Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Shots

Tomorrow I go up on the mountain and hike a short stretch of the Appalachian Trail. Today I went out and gathered up the rest of the stuff I needed - chewy granola bars and Snickers, a 5-foot wooden mop handle which will serve very well as a walking stick, and mosquito repellent. I took the back alleys and got some pictures while out and about. The first shot that looks like a farm way out in the country is actually planted smack in the middle of town, surrounded by housing and busy streets; it's off the end of a back alley called Hockersmith Ave. The flower garden is on Neff Ave. in the same backyard as the overgrown patio chair I shot last week. The last two shots are of South Mountain from the RR overpass on Baltimore Rd. That's where I'll be tomorrow and Thursday (and maybe Friday morning, too). Today is wet and very, very humid, as you can probably tell from those South Mountain shots; but there's a front moving through and the next few days will be much drier and cooler. Perfect weather for hiking! Whoopee!

Farm off Hockersmith Ave.
A flower garden on Neff Ave.
A view of South Mountain from Baltimore Rd.
A view of South Mountain from Baltimore Rd.
© 2014 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. Love the zinnias!

    Have fun on your little overnight trip! It was cool here today and actually cold tonight! 53 degrees! At least you won't be sweating! ha.

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