Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Drama Overhead

We had a cold front move through yesterday evening. Blasted through is more like it - straight line winds up to 70 mph, horizontal rain, even some lightning and thunder. But it was still humid in the aftermath, and today there's a secondary front moving through to finally usher in cooler, drier air. The result of the secondary front moving through that humid air was some pretty dramatic clouds, especially looming up over the mountains. I went up to the upland meadow in the Dykeman Spring Nature Park to capture some of that drama. In black and white, of course; nothing else captures the drama of cumulonimbus clouds quite so well!

© 2014 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. We need some cooler weather up here in New England! The last few days have been pretty oppressive. Some very nice cloud shots today, Roy!

  2. We get stunning cloud-dramas here, too - I ought to photograph them more often.

    I wonder what makes some places seem better for viewing the sky than others?

  3. Wow, Roy ... I love these so very much! Aren't clouds just THE BEST!

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