Thursday, September 05, 2013

Walking Up Baltimore Rd.

Today's hike started with a cut through the Dykeman Spring Nature Park, with special attention paid to the Meadow Trail because one end of it is at the Assembly of God church on Baltimore Rd. From there I headed toward South Mountain on said road. The planned destination was a small pond way up Baltimore Road labeled on all the maps I've seen as "Chambersburg Reservoir". I found such a small body of water being called a reservoir intriguing. Unfortunately, it's also non-existent; all I found when I got to the spot was a very thin, shallow, and rocky Burd Run and something of a soggy meadow off to the creek's side. Either Chambersburg planned a reservoir on that spot and never got around to building it, or the dry Summer has shrunk the the "reservoir" to that soggy meadow. I go with the second option; the falls at Caledonia State Park are also non-existent this Summer, so a dried-out reservoir makes sense.

In any case, I have pictures of a meadow and mountains for you, as well as shots of an interesting house and some Jerusalem Artichoke from up on the mountainous part of Baltimore Rd, as substitutes for the missing reservoir. I've posted a few of the best shots here; you can go to the web album to see the rest and/or watch the slide show after the pics. Enjoy!

Walking along the Meadow Trail
Approaching South Mountain on Baltimore Road
Looking north across the Cumberland Valley at Blue Mountain from Baltimore Road
Heading home along the Meadow Trail

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. What a beautiful hike you had. I love that Jerusalem Artichoke...and the clouds and mountains are always great!

    I'd love to get a good picture of the 1% crescent moon tonight. Wish me luck! ha. Hope the clouds cooperate.

  2. It must be really peaceful, walking along those trails.

  3. Roy, If you are talking about the old dam about 2 miles out of town that would be the Cleversburg Dam and once part of the Shippensburg Water Supply. I , too, have noticed maps refer to it as Chambersburg Reservoir, don't know why. I remember fishing and ice skating there as a kid. They breached the dam 15 or 20 years ago, I think.

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