Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Today is the first day of this week's "weekend", and I went walking. It's overcast and very humid in advance of a very stormy front due to pass through tonight and tomorrow, and as we've had a goodly amount of rain already, things are looking very tropical and lush. I ended up walking in my favorite place, the Dykeman Spring wetlands, and I got inspired to get macro shots of the growing population of wildflowers springing up in the place. You can go to the Picasa web album to get a closer look and see where the places are on a map of the are. I've also posted a few of the stellar shots below, followed by a slideshow of the entire album. Enjoy!

There's a lot of Crown Vetch up now, growing all along the Dykeman Walking Trail and throughout the Dykeman Spring Wetland Park. This is a relative of Clover.

Canadian Thistle is also popping up in the meadows and fields along the trail and in the wetland area.

The Dykeman Walking Trail starts just off the end of Seneca Ave. by the Little League ball fields, passes by the fields and between some swamp area and through a wooded area, and then passes through a tunnel under the railroad tracks before entering the wetland park itself. This is a shot from inside the tunnel looking at the start of the park area.

There's a lot of Honeysuckle springing up now. A couple of weeks ago it was the Multiflora Roses perfuming the air in the wetlands; now it's the Honeysuckle acting as Mama Gaia's air freshener.

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks David. I'm really pleased with how that came out!

  2. I'm loving that thistle! I know it's just a weed, but I've always thought it was lovely! I have some Scottish ancestors and a silver Scottish thistle charm on a necklace. But the real, growing ones are the most beautiful!

    1. Betsy, the best thing about Canadian Thistle is that it has no prickles. But I have to admit that most of the Thistle family is in my top 10 favorite "weeds".

  3. Happy Father's Day Roy (I don't honestly know if you're a daddy or not but, what the heck!)

    I've been off the grid over a month. Trying to get my groove back & suffering the slings and arrows of another surgical procedure. I really like this geting old thing. It's so much fun.

    Lovely shots.

    1. Nope, not a father, CG. Luckily no poor child has been saddled with me as any sort of authority figure or role model; I'd be terrible at either one!

      Sorry to hear about your health issues. Yeah, I know the slings and arrows of growing older. Only too well!

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