Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dykeman Park Upland and Meadow Trails

For the last two and a half years you've seen lots of photos of the Dykeman Springs wetlands here on Roy's World. I've mostly stuck to the area north of Dykeman Rd., where the bulk of the wetlands are. I always thought the area south of the road was limited to the bigger pond, the old spring house, and the trout hatchery. Well, yesterday I discovered I was wrong; the hill behind and above the springs (aside from the property belonging to the Dykeman House Inn, which is private) is home to a network of trails with a lot of scenic variety. I didn't have much time yesterday, but this morning I went exploring!

I got a lot of shots, and 29 of them passed quality control; there's no way I'll be posting all of them here. Instead, I'm posting a few of my favorites; you can see the whole thing, complete with instructive captions, by clicking here to visit the web album or by scrolling down and watching the web album's slideshow. Meanwhile, here are my favorite photos from today's shoot: some stairs climbing a hill in the woods on the Upland Trail; Deptford Pinks along the Meadow Trail; a serene view of a bench and ducks on the usually-depicted pond; and a Wood Nymph butterfly along the nature trail on my way out at the end of the hike. Enjoy!

And as promised, the slideshow of the entire hike:

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. That's a place I would like to visit - beautiful. Apart from the muskrat and of course the commemoration stone it could be in England.

  2. The steps overrun by foliage are what every gardener longs to create. It's so green now, isn't it? Love Summer.

  3. Well, how exciting for you to discover a whole new area to explore! And how lucky for us to be able to see it in photographs! I love that stairway...gorgeous! That's going to be a neat thing to photograph through all four seasons!
    Are you anywhere near Lancaster? I'll be there next month!

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