Saturday, August 06, 2011

Heartland in High Summer

I took a walk down the other direction on Possum Hollow Road this morning before the heavens opened up and we got some much-needed rain.

The Amish farm across the road

A panoramic view of South Mountain

The train crossing on Possum Hollow Road, with South Mountain in the background

Cornfield and rail-side grain depot

And what better song to go with this than Peter Ostroushko's "Heart of the Heartland", here played live by Peter with the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band on A Prairie Home Companion in 2004.

Photos © 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger

PS: I also just put up a post on Duke Ellington's "Caravan " on the Just A Song blog. You are cordially invited to check it out!


  1. really are lucky to have such lovely views of the mountains all around you. The photos are gorgeous. (You're also lucky to have gotten some rain!! We are parched here... ) Can't wait to head over to your other blog to hear Caravan. It's one of my favorite songs.

  2. Tranquil shots of the Amish farm and a more energizing shot of the train. What a beautiful place you now reside in. It's raining in NH today as well.

  3. i have yet to make my seasonal wander to ohio amish country.

    rumor has it the hot spell may be on its way out around here... but we've been lucky and haven't experienced much drought like conditions.

    i really like that shot with the train... lots of wonderful lines in it!

    take care...

  4. I never tire of seeing photos of the farm across the road! :)

    My boys sure would love to live near that railroad and watch those trains! I'm going to show that picture to them!

  5. Hey, beautiful summertime shots! I'm with Mouse on the train photo--love it!

  6. Yep, more love for the train shot here. Great one!

  7. These are quintessential American shots you know. Just lovely

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