Monday, June 06, 2011

Glimpses of the Daily Walk

Walking home from work today I stopped by the Duck Ponds park again.

It was a little surprising to see this young Raccoon out in the daylight; they're nocturnal creatures, and seeing them out and about in the daytime is usually a sign of illness, often rabies (of which disease Raccoons are major carriers). So I kept my distance.

Not the Duck Ponds, but Timber Hill along Possum Hollow Road, where I live. This is what I call "the home stretch" on my walk home. And as you can see, the corn is planted and growing.

© 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I have a raccoon, if you'd like another! ha. Mine comes out in the daylight and woofs down my bird seed. I was surprised to see him in the daytime, too!

  2. Interesting that you posted a shot of a raccoon in the daytime and mentioned the possibility of rabies. On Monday, there was a news report of a rabid beaver attacking three humans in Philadelphia before it was killed... and they're theorizing that the beaver was infected by a rabid raccoon. The story is here,

  3. We saw one here in our yard a couple months ago, up in a tree. It was day, but barely so (almost twilight). The thought that it might have rabies freaks me out a little, I admit.

  4. Great shots! I have found that one other thing that will sometimes bring raccoons out in the day is available cat food.

  5. The water in that first shot is mesmerizing and I just love that second pic.

  6. The Colours & Stillness Are So Relaxing !
    Raccoons!!!!! Being English,They Seem To Me Mythical Creatures.So Nice To See one In Colour! ( I always associate them as Black+White Hats on 50's Cowboy's heads in 50's TV shows!)