Friday, October 15, 2010

Theme Thursday - Knot

Knot is a tough theme, but an idea struck me last night, and I took some quick shots this morning,

A handwoven hemp fiber belt, the strap for my djembe drum. And what is weaving but the artistic tying of knots?

The dream-catcher over my bed.

Music videos didn't promise to be all that easy, either, but when I fed "knot" into YouTube's search engine, this song "Knots" by the British band Pete and the Pirates was right up near the top of the list. Great sound! they remind me of some of the bands that were around in the early '80s.

Then a little farther down the list I found that the classic progressive rock band Gentle Giant did a song called "Kmots", too, from their 1972 album Octopus. Since there's nothing in the lyrics having anything to do with knots, I'm figuring the name of the song comes from the interweaving of the lyric and melodic threads. Definitely an interesting song, as was most of Gentle giant's work.

But believe it or not, the very first song that popped into my head when I saw this week's theme was the Allman Brothers Band classic "Whipping Post". Why? Because of the chorus: "Because I'm tied to the whipping post..." Well, when you're tied to something, knots are what are tied to hold you there, right? Besides, it's the perfect excuse to post one of the best rock songs ever!

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Photos & text © 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. A Mighty Selection Of music!
    Knot To Be Trifled With!

  2. Good music,love the lighting on the rope!

  3. Great stuff, Roy. Sorry I haven't been around. I see I have some catching up to do!

  4. Love the textures in your photos

    Great post

  5. Great stuff! I kid you knot! ;)

    Love the dream catcher!

  6. One of my all time fave rock songs. Nice use of the theme!

  7. that was fun
    thanks for posting the videos

    best wishes

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