Friday, August 06, 2010

Cove Critters

Seen while visiting Gooseneck Cove. I saw other critters, but they were out of camera range: two cruising Osprey, several groups of Peeps (the birder name for a mixed crowd of small members of the Sandpiper family) wandering the flats (it was low tide), two Common Terns industriously flinging themselves into the water after fish, one Great Egret flying over and then perching in a tree across the way, one Great Blue Heron flying by, several Snowy Egrets kicking up the fish in the Snowy Dance, and an immature Little Blue Heron, which while still immature is pure white. And surprisingly few Blue Crabs, much to my friend Tom's disappointment; he'd made a lunch-break stop there on Hazard Rd. to see how the pickings were. But I caught this feeding Snowy Egret in the small backwater toward the bottom end of Hazard Rd.; it didn't see me because I was ensconced in a small natural blind in the shoreline reeds.

And a little later on these two young White-tailed Deer got brave and crossed the road a little above where I was talking with another local about being pleased with how the Cove restoration project had worked out.

And that's all for today.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Gorgeous shot of that egret. So clear!

  2. Wow Roy, The Deer look So Tame (& trusting) Great Shots!

  3. Re the egret picture, the way you've brought out the water is wonderful.

  4. Yeh the Egret looks amazing but the fawn is just . . cute overload.

  5. brilliant shot of that egret! I must admit my love for the little cute bambi and friend has hooligans! I am trying to be understanding this past while as the fires have forced them into town...but they must just eat all the flowers and roses all around the condos and not mine!