Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Grand Gray Lady Passes

It's a good thing I listen to the local AM radio station when I get up in the morning; if I didn't I would have missed one of the best photo ops of the year. The ex-USS Forrestal, a decommissioned aircraft carrier mothballed up at Pier 4 for years now, was moved from her berth and towed down the Narragansett Bay on the first leg of her next-to-last trip, down to the inactive ship storage facility in Philadelphia, PA, on her way to be sunk to serve as a deep water reef, to be used for fishery propagation.

I hopped the harbor launch out to Fort Adams in time to catch her coming out from under the Newport Bridge, and stayed out there for over an hour getting shots as she sailed past me. Here are the results of that shoot.

Just out from under the Newport Bridge.

The escorting Narragansett Bay pilot boats.

Towed from the bow by a Navy tug.

Off Beavertail Light on Jamestown, the Bay pilots hit the end of their jurisdiction and head home.

Off to Philly!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. It's always a bit sad when mighty old ships are scuttled. Gosh, those tugboats are sure cute! Nice shots, Roy!

  2. Marvelous. You should send these shots to the Navy. I'm sure they had an official photographer or two on hand (yes, I saw that!) but I bet the men who served on this ship would be glad to have these added to the legacy...

  3. Great pix. I've been on the USS Texas -- those aircraft carriers are amazing. The activity below the flight deck is mind-boggling, and the bridge is much bigger than you'd think from looking at photos.

  4. Jeeze Roy! Your photos bring home the sheer scale+size of these beasts!

  5. Great shots--looks like a lovely day in New England. For some reason, the shot of the pilot boats really struck a chord!

  6. when I see pictures like these I just do not understand why you are not making a GOOD living doing what you do well. It's just not right!

  7. some great captures roy. my dad designed buildings at naval yards so growing up he would take me to see the ships when he went...

    fyi...the link on the tt site takes me to a page does not exist notice...just thought i would let you know...

  8. It's sad to see the old "Forest Fire" be retired and soon to be chopped into razor blades. Nice photo essay, Roy.