Sunday, June 06, 2010

Critters on Sunday

I was heading for my usual Sunday constitutional when my buddy Mark drove by and scooped me up to hit some birding spots. We went down to Gooseneck Cove on Hazard Rd. and then at the Green Bridge. Snowies were feeding on the Hazard Rd. end and the Common Terns were calmly sitting on their eggs in the nests on Tern Rock. We then headed out to Brenton Point, where we saw a small group of Common Eiders and some Laughing Gulls. From there we headed up Harrison Ave. to go visit Ballard Park, and what did we see in the middle of the road but this young Whitetail Deer standing there trying to peer into the windshield trying to figure out who we were. He was pretty small, and note the still faint evidence of his fawn spots, but then he also has antler nubs. Very strange.

Next stop was Ballard Park, which Mark hadn't visited in years even though he lives right around the corner from it. I didn't get much photography in because I was too busy playing tour guide, but we did run into this male Eastern Towhee who seemed to want to hang out with us and wasn't shy about posing for the camera.

And that's all for today!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Love the photos and also that you are still
    around. Good luck with the job many have advised, please take anything.......there is no work that is really beneath us.....we can learn and thrive on the strangest stimulus.

  2. The little fawn is just too sweet. We had twin males here a few springs ago.

  3. Great shots! The Eastern Towhee is pretty similar to our western variety--& ours aren't too timid either!

  4. I wonder if the twin deer eat Crackerjack occasionally? Aren't they beauties! And the birds look so rare, and personable; friendly. Their sweet sounds must be heavenly on the hike! Great Blog!