Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Spring in Newport

I was walking around in Ballard Park and on Hazard Rd. yesterday, and I bring you more Spring flowers and stuff.

In Ballard Park plants in the Lily family are blooming up a storm. Below left is some Lily-of-the-Valley along the Valley Trail, and below right is some Canada Mayflower on the same trail. Below that is a shot of some of the Solomon's Seal growing in the Aspen Grove in the Quarry (yes, Solomon's Seal is a member of the Lily family). And below that is the Red Admiral butterfly who settled on some of the Solomon's Seal to watch me take pictures.

Around the edges of the Quarry Meadow and along the woodland stretches of the various trails, the forest floor is also full of Garlic Mustard, a member of the Mustard/Cress family that smells like garlic when bruised. The leaves are great in a salad.

Down on Hazard Rd., there were no new birds to be seen in Gooseneck Cove's salt marsh. I heard my first Marsh Wrens of the season, but they were well hidden. And there were no Egrets or Herons or large Sandpipers (we get both Greater Yellowlegs and Willets in the salt marsh) to be seen. But I did get this panoramic shot looking south that captures the color of Spring on Gooseneck Cove. Enjoy!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. gorgeous photos as usual! Thank you, Roy for passing on these fantastic glimpses of nature in your area......I, for one, am most grateful.

  2. Definitely looking like spring. great butterfly shot too, the buggers are hard to get close to!

  3. Lily of the valley and Solomon's Seal are delightful. Excellent photos! We have both in our garden and they are always a thrill.

  4. Lovely detail on that butterfly. Beautiful spring photos. It's gone all cold and gloomy here again.

  5. fresh like roses,
    what pleasant post!

  6. Roy!You Record Life Better Than Anyone Else I Know.

  7. Cold and windy here today again. But it was a lovely weekend. Those lilies are so cool looking!

  8. How many ways there are to capture the passage of time and the arrival of THE moment.

    Joy always,