Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Year to the Day

Last year on Dec. 19 we got a monster snow storm which lasted into the morning hours of Dec. 20. I wandered around on the 20th taking pictures and posted a photo essay on Wouldn't you know it, but this year we got another monster storm on the same dates. So of course I was out with the camera today after I shoveled the walks here.

There were differences between the storms. Last year's storm happened in warmer temperatures and the snow was heavy and wet, so while it was heavy as all get-out to shovel it was also very scenic because it stuck to everything and it was warm enough for me to cover a lot of territory in comfort. This year it was much colder and the snow was lighter and drier, so while it was a joy to shovel, I couldn't stay out in certain places because the wind and cold were more than I was willing to put up with. I pretty much stuck to Ballard Park because the wind whipping across Hazard Rd. made it to tough to photograph due to frozen fingers. So here's Ballard Park in the snow again this year, and on the same date as last year.

The Wickham Rd. entrance to the park. As you can see, I was the first one to walk in that snow!

The Twin Ledges Trail above the Quarry.

Looking down into the swamp from the Joseph Cotton Overlook. As you can see, it was still snowing.

The path down to the small stream that runs through the middle of the park. I loved the lacy look of the snow on the shrubs.

The Southwest Trail. Still no footprints. I was all alone in the park with ALL THAT SNOW! This is called Roy-Heaven.

There were a whole flock of Robins feeding on the berries in this tree on the fringes of the Quarry.

The Quarry face in snow. If you look closely you can even see icicles hanging from the rocks.

The snow was very deep in the park, deeper than last year. There were times along some of the trails when it was up past my knees. Coming down the trail from the Joseph Cotton Overlook I found a hole that the snow had successfully hidden. I went down, and I found out that at that point the snow was waist deep to me, so figure at least three feet (approx. 1 meter). Heh, heh! It took me a while to get out of that one.

But walking in snow that deep (O how I wish now that I'd bought those snowshoes 5 years ago!) got to me; my back hurts (I have the heating pad back there as I type this) and I have no legs at this point. But I was well-dusted in snow and breathing nice, crisp, clean air. I'm tired and sore, but boy howdy am I happy!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I'm still jealous. We haven't had more than a dusting. By the time we get a decent snow, I'll be ready for spring and cranky.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I'm totally green (or would that be white) with envy - we only had a measly couple inches. but I expect, we'll get ours dump sometime this winter.

    speaking of winter Happy Solstice!!!!

  3. I forget how cold northern winters can be because the snow looks so pretty and pristine. Lovely, just want to mess around in it. Sorry about the back, I'd give it a rub if I had very long arms.