Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Walkabout

No errands today, so I headed NW from my house to walk around and see if there was anything that wanted its picture taken. I figured I'd do my usual cut through the Common Burying Ground on my way to visit the Point - the old colonial section of town - and the waterfront along Washington St.

In the Common Burying Ground I noticed a bird flitting around that on first glance looked like a Tree Swallow, except that it was too big. And when it perched on a gravestone, it was obvious it was no Swallow. This is an Eastern Kingbird, in the Flycatcher family. This one wasn't making any noise, but in general these guys are noisy as all get-out!

From there I wandered through the Point; alas, nothing caught my eye. But it was a different story when I came to the top of Washington St. and looked at that curving section of the start of the Newport Bridge. Something about the lines of this grabbed me. And when I got home I converted to black & white, where it works even better.

But the best view of the bridge came a little later. When I got down to Battery Park I noticed another photographer (with a very impressive set-up) staring intently at the bridge, and when I looked, I saw what had grabbed her attention: a fog bank was moving in and doing very interesting things to the bridge. But Battery Park wasn't good for the shot I wanted to get; too many boats between me and the bridge, and too "head on" of a shot. So I walked back up Washington St. to get more of an angled shot.

And that was my photo safari of the day!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Wow! great shots!! It is always a good day when the walkabout is a success!

  2. Fabulous shot of the bridge and the fog

  3. I really like going for virtual walks with you. I miss New England's fog banks...

  4. Lucky duck with the Kingbird photo...he's gorgeous. I can't seem to get close enough for a decent shot. I love those birds. Loved the bridge with the fog. I bet you could feel that was going to be a cool photo as you took it.

  5. Photo of the year I think. Fantastic shot of the bridge.

  6. wow, wow, wow!

    good photo safari I'd say!

  7. That's an eerie fog, for sure.

  8. I absolutely love the shot of the bridge - so "other-worldly". It has a timeless quality - by which I mean that since one can't quite tell the models of the vehicles, they might be emerging from that fog and another decade.

    Beautiful! I love the handsome little bird too.

  9. G'day.

    That is a fantastic shot of the bridge!!!!!