Thursday, July 16, 2009

Theme Thursday - Stage

Music is big in Newport, RI, and most of its musical stages are outdoors. Most famous, of course, are the Folk and Jazz festivals held every August out at Fort Adams. There's also the Sunset Music Series held over several weekends throughout the Summer at the Newport Yachting Center. Technically they're under a tent, but still...

There's also a summer-long musical festival, every Sunday from 3 to 6 pm, featuring local music acts. It's called the Newport Independent Music Festival, NIMFest for short. The acts play to assembled crowds in King Park from the Spencer Pavilion (pictured at left, also known as the King Park Gazebo). Usually there are two acts to a show, an opening act of a single performer or duo, usually acoustic, followed by the big act of the afternoon. Musical styles range from jazz to Irish (Jim McGrath and the Reprobates play every year) to rock to R&B to blues to zydeco and even, this year, to Tex-Mex (with Los Viejos Muchachos - The Good Ol' Boys in English). A good time is usually had by all.

I haven't been to any this year, but last year I went to most of the shows. for me, the highlight was the Maher Brothers Band, who play a great blend of rock, blues, and r&b. These guys were great, and I got busy taking pictures of them in action.

This week's Theme Thursday video is from one of my favorite movies, Baz Lurman's Moulin Rouge! starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. The whole movie is about performing a play being written by McGregor's character, but the following scene is from the time when everything seems to be falling apart, and Harold Zidler (played magnificently by Jim Broadbent) tells all involved - "The Show Must Go On". Enjoy!

Photos & text © 2008 & 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Very nice! I love those summer music festivals! We've been to many and they are all enjoyable!

  2. I love-love-LOVE "Moulin Rouge". It's one of those movies I can watch again and again. I laugh, I cry, I sing along.

  3. We live in a small town, yet we have a gazebo-type stage on the town common and each Wednesday in the Summer, a different band plays. Didn't even think of that for stage! hahahaha

    Great post!

  4. Roy, I have got to get down here, when time allows. Besides, Mom's been hinting about Newport( she's never been down, I don't think. ) Great post and links!

  5. Very nice Roy.
    It is nice to have Summer with all the different types of outdoor entertainment offered. In our town we have the bandstand on the green where concerts are given every Saturday evening in August.

  6. love it. we used to have summer music often when we lived in NC. not so much now. miss it.

  7. was just listening to the soundtrack from moulin rouge the other day!!

    love it!!

    and love summer outdoor music!!

    ah, to one day attend the newport folk festival - this year would have been the year, but alas my pa's birthday is the same time and hey when you make it past 80 you deserve to have all your family about if they are able!

    hope subby and his ma make it to newport!! this year's folk festival would be the perfect excuse, eh?? big to-do for pete, I hear!! and then there's billy (bragg) coming, joan and so many more....

    wah, now I really am feeling blue...

  8. Summer is definitely festival time here too with loads of action all over the country from Blues and Roots to Splendor in the Grass and The Big Day Out. I love Moulin Rouge! I think almost every small town has a rotunda like that but I rarely see them used by anyone other than the homeless!

  9. Greetings from one happy, poncho-clad festival goer to another. And I love Moulin Rouge! Thank you for posting that clip.

  10. "Music is big in Newport, RI..." You do have a knack for understatement, don't you?!?

    Never seen Moulin Rouge, but I just bought a sealed VHS copy at a yard sale for a whopping $1. Enough people here seem to like it, so I think I'll give it a watch when I can make the time!

  11. Thanks, I had forgotten how beautiful "Moulin Rouge" is... -Jayne

  12. Such timely news, we'll be in R.I. this weekend, maybe we'll cathch some music.