Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Sunday Walk in the Park

My work schedule has been all jumbled up due to new hires and continuing associates starting back to school, so at least for this week I have Sunday off once again. And we're in the midst of another blast of heat and humidity, making walking outdoors an uncomfortable proposition at best. But as long as I have free time and my camera, nothing will keep me indoors on my day off. So here are some scenes from this week's walk in the park.

A Monarch on a Milkweed pod
Boneset along the Dykeman Walking Trail
Part of the path around the north duck pond
Meanwhile, up on the meadow, my friend Wade is getting the second haying of the season done
I found this impromptu little bouquet of Daisy Fleabane near the eastern end of the meadow
High humidity + a hot August sun = castles in the sky

© 2019 by A. Roy Hilbinger

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