Sunday, December 02, 2018

Soft Day!

We had some more rain for most of yesterday, and it was a cold rain indeed! It finally moved off in the wee dark hours of the morning, and it left behind a lot of soggy ground and patchy fog. On my walk through the Dykeman Spring Nature Park this morning the fog was there but thinner in the wetland and quite a bit thicker up on the meadow. It reminded me of a story an old friend of mine, the late Michael Shorrock, used to tell. Mick owned property in Doolin on the West Coast of Ireland, and he said that on a morning like this the local farmers used to show up at the local pub around 9:00, grab a pint and a seat, put up their feet, and let out with a huge sigh: "Ahhhhhhhh! Soft day!" Work was done for that day, and it was time to give weary bones a little rest. This is the first day of my weekend, and while my feet were busy getting wet on that soggy ground rather than propped up in front of a fire, I still definitely enjoyed relaxing on a soft day.

© 2018 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. We've had a day similar to that. Sadly, I've been waiting in all day for a parcel to be delivered so no photos. I have written some Christmas cards, so not all wasted!