Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Snow

Finally, after waiting all Winter for a decent snow, we finally get the one decent snow on the Vernal Equinox. Mama Gaia's ironic sense of humor sometimes gets a bit wearing! After my boss texted me this morning saying she was going to close the store before my shift started, I headed straight for the Dykeman Spring Nature Park. It was snowing hard when I went (and it's still snowing now, 4 hours later, although much less intensely), and once in the park the walking became difficult. This is the heavy, wet stuff, and there was 8 inches (20 cm) on the ground, and deeper in some places on slopes and dips. But the good thing about the wet snow is that it sticks to everything and turns branches and twigs into white lace and transforms the landscape. I love Winter, and I love snow; these photos from today's hike are my love song to the season.

Branch Creek at King St.
The outdoor chess tournament will have to wait a bit!
The entrance to the nature park along the Dykeman Walking Trail
The old railroad trestle on the trail
Emerging from the tunnel under the current railroad tracks
Waiting for Spring
The red bridge
The north duck pond panorama
This Robin was not pleased with the weather!
© 2018 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. "Decent snow," huh? Define "decent," wiseguy! Haha.

    We're supposed to be getting hit (again) tonight. Early on the morning after our last storm, the snow was still stuck to everything. I had to drive to my sister's house well before the snow started falling off of the branches, road signs, and power lines. I must admit, it really was beautiful.

    1. For me, decent is 5" or more. Anything less is just a nuisance.