Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I have the day off so I went over to the Brookside Ave. wetland to see what might be going on there this morning. I was going to check out the butterfly situation, but instead I stumbled across some White-tailed Deer, a doe and her faun. I saw Mama first; she was staring intently into the adjacent cornfield, but I couldn't figure out what she was staring at. Then the faun wandered out of the corn next to her. It stared with Mama for a while, then looked around. It saw me, but I was standing stock still with only my index finger moving on the camera's shutter button, and I guess it figured I was a tree. Eventually Mama looked around, too, and saw me; she stomped her left front foot on the ground and boogied for the woods, and the faun followed. So I continued to walk along the trail and found out what Mama was looking for; I flushed a second faun not too far away from where the original two were standing, and it ran off in Mama's direction. So that was my excitement for the morning!

© 2017 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. I've seen an awful lot of deer on the side of the road, or even in the road as I've driven around in Massachusetts and nearby Connecticut.

    One night, I was on a darkened section of road and almost hit one. She was standing still in the middle of the road, and as I passed her, she didn't even move, although I was so close that I could have reached out of my car window and touched her.

    And another time, when my sister and I were visiting my mother one Thanksgiving, we looked out of the rear window, beyond the porch, and saw a doe resting at the base of a tree far below us. Amazing creatures.