Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Morning Walk and a Conversation

I walked through the Dykeman Spring Nature Park this morning and noticed how Summer is moving on apace. Lots of birds and birdsong today, at one point dominated by two Gray Catbirds mewing at me from deep in the foliage, not pleased with my presence. And the Canadian Thistle is up in full bloom, a sure sign the Summer is well settled in.

The haying is still in progress up on the meadow. The farmer who does it was up there this morning and we stopped and had a nice long talk. He asked me if I'd seen any Turkeys up there lately, as he doesn't want to overrun any nests and will actually delay cutting if he thinks a nest is in the area next on his progress. Heh, heh! And lo and behold, while we were talking a big hen appeared from the woods on the north side an started running across the meadow. We figured there must have been somebody on one of the trails walking a dog that spooked her.

He was saying how being up on the meadow was his favorite part of his work, because it's always so beautiful up there, away from the rush of people and cars, away from the noise, and out with Nature, watching the birds and the critters. I have to agree; my walks through the park, both in the wetland and up on the meadow, are the high point of my week. And the fact that he was up there on a Sunday morning tells me that for him it's like it is for me - that's our "church" out there in the outdoors, surrounded by Mama Gaia (although I sincerely doubt he'd mention her!) and enjoying every moment of it.

So here are some scenes from this morning's walk.

A Gray Catbird along the Dykeman Walking Trail letting me know my presence was not appreciated
A Canadian Thistle bloom with a busy visitor
The haying continues up on the meadow
© 2016 by A. Roy Hilbinger 

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  1. I read your title, and then my eyes scanned down to your first photo. I was half expecting your conversation to be with the catbird!