Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Backyard "Community"

I have quite a wildlife "community" happening on and under the feeder station in my backyard. Lots of House Sparrows and Starlings, unfortunately (both invasive species who have squeezed out -  and have even led to the extinction of several species - native songbird species across the continent and are vermin as far as I'm concerned), but also lots of Finches since I added the Finch sock full of Thistle seed - Goldfinches, the red-headed House Finches, and two Pine Siskins who drop by occasionally. But I also get some occasional surprise visits - one or two Chipmunks, the Eastern Cottontail rabbit pictured here, the Red-winged Blackbird (the first one since I set up the station), and a mating pair of Mallards who drop by every Spring. The following pictures are representative of what I see every day when I look out my kitchen window. Enjoy!

Here's a handsome fellow! And he knows it, too.
Mr. & Mrs. Red share the feeder station with some female Goldfinches
I looked out the window one day to see Peter here enjoying the spillage under the feeders
This male Red-winged Blackbird has been visiting a lot lately

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard drop by every Spring
Finches R Us!
© 2015 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. How fun! I love it when the feeders are busy like that!

    I can hear the Mallards..."Let's make our annual stop at Roy's again....nice old chap has the best seed!" ha.

  2. It must be amazing to watch them ! Is there a way I can set up a bird feeder in urban settings, with practically no land space available in my apartment?