Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Small Things

I'm not in to work until 2:30 today, so I decided to take a morning walk in the Dykeman Spring Nature Park. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of baby Eastern Cottontails hopping around munching on grass. I stopped counting after seeing five. There were also a lot of newly-fledged birds testing out their new flying skills. All in all, it was a pleasant walk, and I brought you some things to look at from it. Enjoy!

A baby Eastern Cottontail neat the Little League fields
A baby Eastern Cottontail on the nature trail
A shelf fungus colony on an old log in the wetlands area
A Tiger Swallowtail by the north duck pond
An immature female Red-winged Blackbird preening in the wetlands area
© 2014 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Beautiful shots. That can definitely make your workday much more pleasant--starting it off with nature!

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