Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Gray Sunday Stroll

The rain came back overnight. No big downpours, just occasional light showers and patchy drizzle; enough to keep the streets and sidewalks wet. A little too wet for a hike out into the country, but just right for a leisurely stroll around town. And black and white photography would be perfect to illustrate the mood of the day. So I walked up King St. to the God's Acre cemetery on Prince St., then back down King St. to home again. I shot in b&w in ISO 400 to emulate the look of Kodak's classic b&w Tri-X film, and honed it in Photoshop, tweaking the curves to get that silvery look. 

The little gazebo park across the street from my house
Branch Creek at King St., still running a bit high
"Downtown" walking east on King St.
Looking east on King St. from "The Square", the intersection of King and Earl Streets
God's Acre historical cemetery on Prince St.
Walking west on King St., heading home from the cemetery
Looking west on King St. from "The Square"
The Shippensburg Historical Society and it's equally old neighbors
And now it's time to get started on cooking up a big pot of chili for suppers for the rest of the week. Mmmmm! I love chili season!

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger 


  1. love the photo of the creek

    thank u

  2. Sunshine will reach you tomorrow! :) Chili sounds wonderful!

  3. Roy,It's Always A Pleasure To Walk Alongside You Here.Thank You For The View.

  4. The Historical Society's building is gorgeous. Love the windows and the working shutters!

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