Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning Walk

It's Easter, but we still haven't got much of a Spring going here as yet; the trees are still bare, the grass is still brown, and not much is blooming but some brave early blooms of the Narcissus family. Today was sorta chilly, and I came in from my walk when it started up with a cold rain. It's still raining.

Still, I wandered out looking for things that would catch my eye. I went up to Spring Hill Cemetery, then wandered back to King St. and wandered for a bit in the area behind King St. These things caught my eye (and you can view them as a web album or slide show here): some brave Daffodils blooming along W. King St.; two views of South Mountain from the cemetery; the graves of two young sons of the unfortunate Moses and Margaret Cope, one aged 6 years and the other 17; an old wrought iron fence by the library on W. King; an old mill converted to apartments along Branch Creek on W. King; and the window sign on the Longhorn Country Dance Club on N. Fayette St. I hope you find these sights as interesting as I did.

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. A nice variety of photos, there. :) I thought at first that those two children died at the same time...maybe a childhood disease or something, but they were quiet a few years apart!

    No daffodils yet for us, but probably this week they will bloom!

  2. The patina on that fence would do justice to a fine piece of sculpture. And I suppose the fact that we can see tghat the grass is still brown is an improvement on things over recent weeks - it is no longer (fully) hidden by the snow.

  3. Hi Roy and to all the presents, also here in Italy the time is not spring, ago still cold, and it rains so much however have the almond tree already bloomed and also the hawthorns, perhaps.... a po of heat is arriving? As always beautiful and very meaningful your images.Hi talk to you soon Daniel

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