Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Cold!

It's bitter cold in Central PA this week, with below zero wind chills (that's -17 C and below for those of you in the rest of the world). I'm off work today and tomorrow, and you know the cold isn't keeping me indoors. I went walking around town today looking for good ice shots. Naturally, black & white is the best medium for ice, so that's what I shot in. Here are some of the shots; click here to see the whole web album.

I definitely needed hot food when I got home from this one! I made a grilled cheese sandwich, heated up some homemade chicken soup, and finished it off with a nice hot mug of spiced coffee. Ahhhhhh!

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. homemade chicken soup...I AM impressed! :)

    Love the hoar frost...great capture on that! It's that cold here in Ohio, but I haven't seen any icicles...that one you got there is huge!

  2. Happy belated New Year Roy. I'm swealtering in 35 here so y our icicles are lovely and cooling.

  3. Black+White is Sooo Effective.Strong Beautiful Work ROY.

  4. Beautiful photographs - and just about as close as I care to come to that kind of mind bending cold. Hey, I'm not slouch... I spent two years in Vermont, ten years in Philadelphia, and eight years in upstate New York. Yeah, for me now, cold is best experienced through others eyes and my memories.

    That icicle in particular reminds me of a winter in Jamestown, NY when the gutter/roof defrost system (yes - they have such things, up north, fellow southerners) failed and the ice formations would have been deadly had they fallen on someone. Brrr...

    It was 62 here yesterday... jus sayin'... :)

  5. Stunning photographs Roy. You are a master at picking the right photographic approach to match the subject matter. Respect, my friend.


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